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Social Learning Amplified

This podcast hosted by Eric Mazur, an internationally recognized educational innovator in Social Learning and Peer Instruction, brings candid conversations with educators who are finding new ways to engage and motivate their students inside and outside the classroom. Each episode of Social Learning Amplified will give you real-life examples and practical strategies you can put into practice in your own courses.


Podcast Episode 5: A Look at Perusall for the Community College Population

In episode 5 of Social Learning Amplified, Eric Mazur talks with T. Adam Baldry and Brad Butler from Pima Community College about the innovative teaching tools they use at a community college level. They dive into their use of Perusall in their courses and the benefits students and instructors have with the platform.

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Episode 4: A look at Perusall and Mastery Learning

In this episode of Social Learning Amplified, Eric Mazur catches up with Jon Bergmann, one of the pioneers of the flipped classroom movement. Jon uses Perusall in his classes to facilitate student discussion. During the discussion, Jon introduces the concept of Mastery Learning, which is covered in his  new book,  The Mastery Learning Handbook.

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Episode 3: A Look at Ungrading Part 2

In part 2 of "A Look at Ungrading" on the Social Learning Amplified podcast, Matthew and Travis continue the conversation with Eric to explore how Perusall aids in their ungraded approach, additional best practices they find useful within Perusall, and other rich ideas on changing the way they teach. 


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Episode 2: A look at Ungrading Part 1

This episode of Social Learning Amplified focuses on the growing "ungraded" movement in higher education. Dr. Matthew Winslow and Dr. Travis Martin, both from Eastern Kentucky University, speak with host Eric Mazur on what the Ungrading movement is, why it is effective for teaching, and how Perusall assists in making it possible.


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Episode 1: A Look at Peer Instruction

Our debut episode brings you a conversation on Peer Instruction with Eric Mazur and Julie Schell,  Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Technology at the University of Texas at Austin. Schell explains what Peer Instruction is, what makes this method work, and why she continues to use it with her students.


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