Perusall Engage: What Are the Chances? Why We Believe in Luck with author Barbara Blatchley begins July 22nd! Click to learn more.

Do you feel lucky?

Learn why in our upcoming Perusall Engage event, What Are the Chances? Why We Believe in Luck by Barbara Blatchley, winner of the American Psychological Association's 2023 William James Book Award.

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What Are the Chances? Book by Barbara Blatchley

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    • On average, only 20-30% of students do assigned reading; with Perusall, >90% do the reading.
    • Students learn more than twice as much information from assignments, with no effort from the instructor.

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    • Students help each other learn by collectively commenting on readings and videos, responding to each other, and participating in a social learning environment.
    • Students get instant feedback and motivation; instructors get continuous insights on student engagement.

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    • Perusall can automatically grade students' engagement with the content.
    • Start class using Perusall’s Student Confusion Report — a one-page summary of concepts that confused students, along with some of the best comments.

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    • Combine open educational resources (OER), your own materials, & books from our catalog of > 1.2 million ebooks from 47,000 publishers.
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    • Perusall works with bookstores and all LMSes.
    • Custom institutional licenses are available.

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    Join 40,000 instructors, at 3,000 educational institutions, teaching 1.5 million students, in 112 countries.

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    Deliver all your course material in one place: adopt ebooks, incorporate open educational resources, or upload your own materials to transform your content into a social learning experience, including multimodal, peer review, and differentiated assignments. Copy over previous course material for new terms.

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    A logo for Penguin Random House, a publisher available on Perusall. A logo for Cambridge University Press, a publisher available on Perusall. A logo of Hachette Book Group, a publisher available on Perusall. A logo for Pearson University Press, a publisher available on Perusall. A logo for YouTube, a website where one can integrate video material to their Perusall course. A logo for Vimeo, a website where one can integrate video material into their Perusall course. A logo for Google drive, a source where one can integrate various forms of content to their Perusall course. A logo for Microsoft Office. Material from which can be integrated to one's Perusall course.
    Screenshot of Perusall's content addition interface highlighting versatile educational resources from books to podcasts.

    Keep students intrinsically motivated

    Students comment on course material and respond to each other using our social features such as upvoting, hashtags, quote reply, emojis, GIFs, and more. Students can tag one another, receive notifications, and get dynamic student feedback when working on assignments, eliciting rich discussion and facilitating deeper understanding of course material.

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    Image of a Perusall conversation discussing physics, where one user asks if gravitational and electric fields are mutually exclusive and another confirms they are not, citing the interaction between electric and magnetic fields as fundamental to various technologies like radio and electromagnetic motors.

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    Use automatic scoring to reduce time spent grading, and automatically sync grades with your institution's LMS. Keep track of student progress at a glance and use the Confusion Report to summarize student questions and help plan class time.

    Learn more about assessment and analytics
    Data chart showing average view time on the assignment. Infographic pie chart displaying Perusall course statistics with percentages for student completion rates: 33.2% completed with maximum score, 31.7% completed but not with maximum score, 28.3% in progress, and a small section for no work submitted. Below the chart, text indicates '1041 comments, 252 questions, 91 unanswered questions' with '19 minutes average reading time'.
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