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Have you ever gotten stuck while doing a homework assignment?
That’s why we created Perusall, a social learning platform that turns your assigned course materials into a social experience. As humans, we are social creatures, so we learn more when we have the opportunity to learn from and share our knowledge with each other–and it’s just more fun than trying to work through difficult material on your own.
With Perusall, you can interact with classmates—ask questions, help your classmates improve their understanding, and give your opinions—to develop a deeper understanding of the assigned material. You have a built-in community working together on the assignment with you.

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With Perusall, you can...

With Perusall, you can get creative with your Perusall settings, make connections with classmates, and use the interactive note feature to help reinforce key concepts.

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Perusall was created by educators and the privacy of students and instructors is paramount to us. Our privacy policy details the specific, limited instances in which data is shared (for example, with a few trusted service providers that provide server hosting and payment processing). Perusall does not sell student data. Revenue is generated through sales of eBooks and institutional subscriptions (for advanced features and service contracts), allowing Perusall to offer the platform without compromising student and instructor privacy.