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Immerse students in course content that extends beyond the classroom with Perusall's interactive features and capabilities.

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Students help each other learn by collaborating and collectively commenting on course material, responding to each other, and participating in an active learning environment.

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Students engage on a web page assignment with each other. They ask questions and upvote each other.
Multiple forms of content being customized into assignments to meet instructors individual teaching needs and styles.

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Adopt an ebook from our catalog, upload your own materials, and integrate videos, podcasts, and webpages to create  assignments that encourage your students to discuss material.

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Save time and discover insights with our assessment tools

Intrinsically motivate students without additional work. Performance analytics offer insight into students' needs and customizable scoring provides various ways for students to meet course goals.

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Analytics, assessment tools and automatic scoring systems showing the customization and time saving benefits of using Perusall to instruct.
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Connect your course to your institution's LMS to keep all your course assignments, assessment, and more all in one place.

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Add a course textbook and other reading material from our catalog of 1.2+ million books from 47,000+ publishers. Need a book that isn't listed? Email us at and we'll do our best to get it for you.

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"Perusall has finally given me a meaningful way for students to demonstrate that they have read an assignment. By asking them to comment and respond to what they are reading, they are forced to be more engaged with the text. Because of this, they come to class more prepared to discuss and apply what they have read or viewed."

Rhonda Fritz
Eastern Oregon University

"Perusall has completely transformed my teaching experience. It provides invaluable data: based on the student comments, I can see which topics they are interested and adjust my preparation accordingly. The dialogues that emerge in the Perusall comments also translate directly into more engaging classroom discussions."

Jocelyn Holland

"I highly recommend Perusall, not just to get students to read the textbook, promote self-reflection, improve the quality of student questions, and facilitate peer support, but also because of the insight you gain, as an instructor, regarding the areas that trip up students."

Robert Cohen
East Stroudsburg State University