Our upcoming events are designed to empower you with innovative strategies for engaging students, fostering collaborative learning, and streamlining course preparation.

Join our events to discover how Perusall can transform your classroom into a vibrant learning community and connect with fellow educators who share our passion for academic excellence.

Upcoming events

Perusall Engage Book Event: Teaching with AI

Authors José Antonio Bowen and C. Edward Watson will be hosting a Perusall Engage Book Event on their new book, Teaching with AI, starting Monday, May 13th and culminating in a live podcast event at Perusall Exchange® 2024!


Perusall Exchange® 2024

The Perusall Exchange® is an annual community conference where educators share teaching ideas and collaborate through synchronous and asynchronous sessions within our platform.


Opening Keynote Event | Perusall Exchange® 2024

Eric Mazur, Perusall Co-Founder, in conversation with Keynote, Jesse Thaler, Director of the NSF Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions and professor at MIT.


Teaching and Learning Panel | Perusall Exchange® 2024

Moderated by Eric Mazur, Perusall Co-Founder, the discussion will focus on the transformation of education and social learning in the age of artificial intelligence, focusing on student learning and innovative teaching strategies.


Social Learning Amplified, Live! Teaching with AI | Perusall Exchange® 2024

The live recording of Social Learning Amplified, the Perusall podcast hosted by Eric Mazur. Part of the Perusall Exchange® 2024 conference.


Closing Keynote Event | Perusall Exchange® 2024

Eric Mazur in conversation with Stephen Wolfram, Founder & CEO, Wolfram Research.