Access for all

Perusall is developed by educators for educators. We want as many students as possible to have access to Perusall, and we are committed to keeping our platform affordable.

Perusall has no ads, no investors, and we never sell your data.

Instead, the service is supported by our users.

Adopting a book from the Perusall catalog: When students purchase books from our catalog, either directly or through the bookstore, the publisher supports Perusall's development and improvement. Explore the catalog of over 1,000,000 available titles

Purchasing an institutional license: Institutions that purchase a license support Perusall's development and improvement. Learn more about institutional licenses

Using free materials at institutions without a license: When an instructor chooses to use free material such as instructor-provided PDFs, EPUBs, web pages, videos, podcasts, and images, we suggest (but do not require) that students in these courses pay an affordable fee to access the platform. Instructors can elect to use Perusall's recommended price—or adjust the amount up or down. Alternatively, instructors or departments may purchase bulk access for students. Learn more about Course Choice