What Are the Chances? A Perusall Engage Book Event

July 22, 2024
12:00 am
Live event
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About this event

Dr. Barbara Blatchley, author
4 weeks

Do you have a lucky charm?  OK, I’ll confess—it’s silly, but I have a pair of lucky shoes.  I know, on an intellectual level, that the particular pair of shoes I choose to wear on any given day cannot possibly affect the course of events in the universe—but still, when I find I need a bit of luck, those shoes are on my feet.  Luck is a great example of an irrational behavior that persists even in the face of evidence that it is irrational.  Belief in luck crosses all the lines that usually separate us—culture, religion, class, even political affiliation.  What are the Chances? Why We Believe in Luck explores what psychology, neuroscience, history, philosophy and religion can tell us about luck.

Join us for a 4-week asynchronous, author-facilitated, communal reading experience on Dr. Barbara Blatchley’s 2023 William James Book Award book, What Are the Chances? Why We Believe in Luck.

Winner of the 2023 American Psychological Association's William James Book Award.