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Perusall's Back to School Webinars series has returned! Click here to learn more and to register. 

The Perusall Community

Our social learning platform has helped over two million students around the world come to class better prepared. We strive to offer best-of-class events and support to our Perusall community. Connect with us below!

Come be social & hear from a fellow educator using Perusall.

Back to School Webinars

Running July - October

Whether you are considering Perusall for an upcoming course or have previously taught with Perusall, we have a webinar designed just for you! 

Considering Perusall? If you are considering the platform for your course, join us at a Perusall Social, where you will hear from a current user, see a brief overview of the platform, and participate in a Perusall course and assignment. Register today! 

Currently using Perusall? We have a series of three webinars based on your Perusall experience. You may select from the 101, 102, or Train the Trainer webinar. Webinars run from August 8th through October 7th. See below for more information.


Perusall 101 

Designed for instructors who are new to Perusall, this webinar covers how to get started with Perusall. You will learn how to make assignments, create groups, and build your Perusall library. In addition, you will see the social side of Perusall and how your students will connect with and learn from each other using Perusall’s peer-to-peer engagement features.

Perusall 102 

Designed for instructors who have used Perusall before, this webinar will elevate your understanding of Perusall’s more advanced features, such as peer review assignments and auto-scoring. We will also highlight the latest platform enhancements, including LTI 1.3 LMS integration, the ability to create quizzes, and simplified scoring.

Train the Trainer 

Designed for instructional designers, this webinar is designed for academic specialists, or anyone in a role who assists others with the implementation of Perusall. It provides a broad overview of creating an account, common FAQs, full LMS integration with grade sync, and more.

Watch a Webinar

Can't make a live webinar? We have you covered with the recordings below. 

Perusall 101 Recording

Perusall 102 Recording

Train the Trainer Recording

Customer Support

Our customer support team is happy to help! Below you may search our knowledge base articles for frequently asked questions. You may also open a ticket for additional assistance. 

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