The 2022 Perusall Exchange℠ is a wrap!

Thank you for attending Perusall Exchange® 2022! Learn about our speakers, presentations, and more.

The 2022 Perusall Exchange℠ is a wrap!

Thank you for attending Perusall Exchange® 2022! Learn about our speakers, presentations, and more.

The 2022 Perusall Exchange℠ is a wrap! Educators created this community online synchronous and asynchronous event for educators. It is truly a community event with over 50 presentations on Social Learning from educators worldwide. We have many people to thank, including all participants who came to learn and interact with your peers. The Exchange remains open through June, so you are invited to visit and interact some more! Click on any link below to be taken to the Exchange.

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Thank you for attending Perusall Exchange 2022!

We would like to give a huge thanks to our 2022 Perusall Exchange℠ keynote speakers, panelists, and presenters! Thank you for sharing your Social Learning teaching strategies with us.

Keynote Speakers

Angela Duckworth

Ken Bain

Mamokgethi Phakeng

Alan November & Ozgur Akas

Carl Wieman

Panel Sessions

Social Learning's Influence on Student Assessment

Robert Talbert, Grand Valley State University

Maikel Alendy, Florida International University

Jaya Kannan, Amherst College

Karen Huxtable-Jester, The University of Texas at Dallas

Lauren Barbeau, The University of Georgia

Student Panel: How Learning Changes with Perusall

Anike Van Noort, University of Groningen (Netherlands)

Bente Gjaltema, University of Groningen (Netherlands)

Brittany Goranson, Florida International University

Hannah Woods, Eastern Kentucky University

Leigh Sharpless, Harvard University

Congratulations to our top 5 most active presentations!

Studying Student Reading Behaviors: Using Perusall Analytics to Conduct SoTL Projects, Lauren Barbeau

A New Approach to Peer Instruction: Less time, More Learning, Eric Mazur and Deniz Marti

Reading With and Against the Grain: Teaching Digital Reading Strategies with Perusall, Deanna McGaughey-Summers

"What Questions Do You Have?": Transparent Teaching Through Social Annotation of Syllabus and Assignment Prompts, Elizabeth Leininger

Peer Instruction: Tips and Tricks for Implementing Peer Instruction Online Using a Learning Science Framework, Julie Schell and Andrew Butler

Thank you to all of our presenters! 

Ada Fong Kin Yu, The University of Hong Kong

Akinori Oyama, OSS Designer and Developer

Amanda Franklin, University of Melbourne

Amos Israel-Vleeschhouwer, Sapir Academic College

Ana Amélia Petter, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Andy Butler, Washington University

Ann-Marie Horcher, Kozminski University

Ann-Marie Mårtensson-Pendrill, Lund university

Aubrey Statti, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Audrey Stein Wright, The University of Texas-Austin

Birol Bulut, Firat University

Boon Leong Lan, Monash University

Brad Butler, Pima Community College

Brad Moore, Anderson School District One

Bridget Mueller, University of Houston-Downtown 

Carisma Nel, North-West University

Cassandre Giguere Alvarado, University of TX-Austin

Caylen Holmes, University of South Florida

Christie Shealy, Anderson School District One

Chunhong Liu, Beijing Language & Culture University

Dagmar Scharold, University of Houston-Downtown

Daniel Hickey, Indiana University

David Stehlik, University of Saint Francis

David Villalobos-Betancourt, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

Deanna McGaughey-Summers, Kentucky State University

Deniz Marti, Harvard University

Devi Stuart-Fox, University of Melbourne

Dina Newman, Rochester Institute of Technology

Eiichiro Kazumori, University of Massachusetts

Edie Wakevainen, Roosevelt University

Eric Mazur, Harvard University

Elizabeth Leininger, New College of Florida

Franck Silvestre, University of Toulouse

Gavin Porter, Harvard Medical School

Guillermo Nieto, Instituto Universitario Franco Ingles de Mexico

Hassan Wilson, Constellation Learning Institute

Ives Solano Araujo, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

James Fraser, Queen's University

Janine Diaz-Cotto, University of South Florida

Jason R. Tavares, Polytechnique Montreal

Jean-François Parmentier, University of Toulouse

Jonathan Tullis, University of Arizona

Julie Schell, The University of Texas-Austin

Julien Broisin, University of Toulouse

Katharine Jager, University of Houston-Downtown

Kristine Peace, MacEwan University

Laura Tucker, University of California, Irvine

Lauren Barbeau, University of Georgia

Lisa V Sansom, Queen's University

Louise Wang Boxuan, The University of Hong Kong

Manuel Fernandez, University of St. Thomas

Manju Prakash, Stony Brook University

Marguerite Brickman, University of Georgia

Mario Vallarino, University of Genoa

Mark Elgar, University of Melbourne

Matthew Winslow, Eastern Kentucky University

Mesut Özel, Pamukklale University

Nabil Lamrani, Collège Claude Nougaro de Toulouse

Naomi Levy-Strumpf, University of Toronto

Nicholas Miller Perry, The University of Hong Kong

Nicole Nicholson, U of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

Nicole Tavares, The University of Hong Kong

Nikki Rodelas Morris, The University of Texas-Austin

Pablo Valdivia, University of Groningen

Patrick W. C. Ho, Monash University

Pooi Mee Lim, Monash University

Raoul Mulder, University of Melbourne

Rialy Andriamiseza, University of Toulouse

Robin Beck, University of Michigan

Samuel Lewis, Eastern Kentucky University

Semra Demircali, Ministry of National Education

Shuai Sun, University of Kansas

Sonia Madrid, University of Murcia

Steve Yalisove, University of Michigan

Steven Robinow, Teaching for Student Success Media

Adam Baldry, Pima Community College

Tamie Glass, The University of Texas-Austin

Thomas Culhane, University of Florida

Tobias Espinosa, Federal University of Rio Grande

Travis Martin, Eastern Kentucky University

Therésa Jones, University of Melbourne

Vanesa Valero, University of Murcia

Victoria Lorrimar, Trinity College

Yannis Karamanos, Université d'Artois

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