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Increase student engagement.

Would you like your students to come to class ready to participate?

With Perusall, an online social annotation platform, you can increase student engagement, collaboration, and community within your course. Plus, Perusall works with your favorite course content including books, articles, web pages, videos, podcasts, and images. 

In 2022, a million students engaged with

classmates, instructors, and course content within Perusall.    


Perusall has empowered 3 million+ students to:

Engage with texts, images, video, audio, and websites

Work collaboratively outside the classroom

Have in-depth discussions with peers

Take ownership of their own learning


More engagement

Used by over 3,000,000 students in over 90 countries, Perusall is a social learning platform that instantly turns coursework into a social experience. When students interact together on assignments within Perusall, they are intrinsically motivated to perform better—in turn, honing their critical thinking skills and developing a deeper understanding of the material.

For Students

More collaboration

Perusall makes learning more engaging while helping students deepen their understanding of the material. Students can ask questions if they don't understand a concept and receive input from their peers. They may also comment on classmates' posts and express their opinions synchronously or asynchronously. This social engagement with the course content prepares students for class.

For Instructors

More connections

Bring the interactivity of a small seminar to large lecture courses without sacrificing efficiency. Instructors may use Perusall in classes from 5 to 1,000+ students across all disciplines, building a sense of community from the start of the term. Perusall promotes social learning for in-person, blended, or online courses. Even if the course modality shifts, instructors can continue their classroom community with Perusall.

For Institutions

More success stories

An institutional license on your campus guarantees data security, customer support, and platform performance. Pricing is determined by the Perusall activity on your campus. There is no charge for our LTI 1.3 integration with your LMS. In addition, we follow industry best practices for ensuring the security of user data and have our security and accessibility audited by third-party firms. Institutional licenses provide detailed descriptions of our FERPA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and WCAG 2.1 compliance.

Content Agnostic

Any content, any format

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