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Nicholas E. Miller

Valdosta State University

As I pivoted to online teaching amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Perusall helped me to collaborate closely with my students and to develop a sense of community in asynchronous courses.
Nicholas Miller, Assistant Professor of English Valdosta State University

Why did you choose to use Perusall?

I had been doing makeshift annotation assignments for a long time, but those required a serious dedication to teaching my students to use features on apps such as Adobe Reader. The early technological challenges often frustrated students before they got in a rhythm, and they were unable to see the annotation work of peers that would help to model best practices. When I learned about Perusall, then, I got incredibly excited about a platform that could facilitate this intuitively.

What are your favorite features of Perusall?

I particularly appreciate the option to highlight both text and visuals in the platform. As an instructor who often teaches visual analysis, it is very helpful for students to see each other noticing details and creating meaning from them. That feature matters a great deal.

What are you seeing as a result of using Perusall?

More students completing their readings, more connections drawn across texts (especially via hashtags), more engaged students, improved reading practices over the course of the semester, a better sense of community in online courses, etc.

How has this changed your course? Was there a particular problem with your course and if so, did using Perusall provide a solution?

I no longer teach without using Perusall. I am not sure that it just solves a particular problem with my previous courses; rather, it has reshaped how I plan and scaffold all of them.

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